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We specialize in the following four areas:

We Do Four Things
Leadership For Leaders

Leadership is the ability of an individual or a group of individuals to influence and guide followers or other members of an organization. We focus on three main leadership domains: 1) Leading Self; 2) Leading Others, and 3) Leading the Organization. Our Leadership For Leaders programs are designed to help Leaders connect their influence to these three domains.

Leadership For HR

HR staff, both leaders and practitioners, serve as guides, coaches, and advisors for leadership. To be effective, HR staff, at all levels, must have a broad understanding of leadership principles, practices, and priorities. This allows the HR team to both broaden and deepen its capacity to serve and support the leadership team. Our Leadership For HR programs are designed to help HR teams connect with leaders.

HR For Leaders

Leaders are the ones with a day to day connection with employees. Those leaders who have a broad understanding of HR principles and practices are more effective guiding, coaching, and mentoring staff. To be effective, leaders must have a broad understanding of Human Resources principles, practices, and priorities. Our HR For Leaders programs are designed to help leaders leverage HR principles and engage with their teams.


Human Resources effectiveness is based on knowing the business, personal credibility, and customer service efficiency. Using an HR Audit methodology, we partner with HR teams to maximize the value HR adds to the organization. Our HR For HR programs are designed to optimize contributions from your HR team.

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When Leadership Matters


When Outcomes Matter


When Growth Matters


When Perspectives Matter


When Value Matters


When You Matter

Helping Build Leadership Capacity for over 30 years.

Leaders are challenged every day. We work with individual leaders and teams of leaders to build personal leadership capacity. Unlock your leadership potential!

Our team has been on the leadership front lines, and we are honored to work with you as you continue your leadership journey.


L4L specializes in working with a team approach to deliver credentialed content for serious professionals and motivated leaders who desire to achieve personal success and excel.


Recognizing that leaders have busy schedules, we deliver off-the-shelf and customized content to meet your needs. This includes self-pace programs, hybrid, and group and personal coaching.


At L4L we care because as leaders and human resource professionals, we have seen the powerful impact leaders have when they use their leadership potential to engage for the betterment of others.

Our greatest ability is the ability to think

… and our greatest power is the power to choose!


Don’t wait. Take action now. Put new learning to use right away. We believe that learning should be actionable and that you should be able to use new knowledge right away. When you learn something from us, we want you to “get started right now” — no need to wait. We want to help you take action.


Leadership action must be connected to the real world. There are many approaches to leadership. Some are theoretical, others philosophical. Ours is practical. Ours is actionable. Ours gets you results. Ours is something that can be done, right here, right now. This doesn’t mean that our approach is easy. It does mean our approach can be done with a little bit of time, energy, and effort.


Competencies are the backbone of a leader’s lifelong learning journey. Our approach to leadership competencies is to use a broad framework. The domains we focus on are: Leading Self – Leading Others – Leading the Organization.

The Right Choice

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Our Team

Philip Espinosa, PhD

Philip Espinosa, PhD

President & Senior Consultant

Philip brings over 30 years of human resources and operational leadership experience to the team. His passion is optimizing HR teams and building leadership capacity. In addition to his operational experience in the public sector, healthcare, and higher education, Philip serves as an Associate Faculty for the Human Resources program with Post University.

Nelson De Leon

Nelson De Leon

Associate Partner

Nelson brings over 30 years of talent acquisition and leadership engagement experience to the team. His passion is helping operational leaders meet staffing needs accurately and quickly. Nelson has experience in engineering, manufacturing, IT, higher education, healthcare, non-profits, and other market verticals. Nelson is fluent in English, Spanish, and Russian. 

Kathryn Bouchard

Kathryn Bouchard


Kathryn brings over 15 years as a global communications professional working at the intersection of academia, policy, and digital marketing. She is passionate about helping people achieve their academic and professional goals through facilitating effective communication, engaging in meaningful research, and developing effective content.

Katherine Espinosa

Katherine Espinosa

Vice President & Senior Program Developer

Katherine brings 15+ years of education, curriculum, and coaching experience to the team. Katherine has supported learners in the public sector, higher education, aviation, IT, entrepreneurs, and Her passion is to engage with others to help them find their confidence and their voice. She is the co-founder of the Inter-Cultural Pro Network. Katherine is fluent in English and Spanish. 

Michael Cousins

Michael Cousins

Associate Partner

Michael brings over 20 years of talent and organizational development experience to the team. He has worked in various industries, including IT, computing, cable/satellite, and health care. Michael has worked with various learning development models, including instructor-led, web-based & blended delivery. His passion is for engaging with others to deliver meaningful outcomes.


There is not just one thing that leaders need. We use a leadership domain approach to assist leaders build leadership capacity.


 We know all leaders are not the same. Many times there is a need for a customized solution. We understand the value of customization. 

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