Frequently Asked Questions…

What is the best way to contact Leadership For Leaders?

The best way to contact us is to use the form on the Contact Us page.

I see words like "right now" and "get started now" -- what does this really mean?

We believe that learning should be actionable and that you should be able to use new knowledge right away. When you learn something from us, we want you to “get started right now” — no need to wait. Though some leadership topics can be complex, we focus on breaking concepts down into pieces. Over the years, his has been effective it helping leaders take action sooner.

How long does it take to have a custom program delivered?

It depends on how in-depth the program needs to be. However, in general, we are able to design and deliver a custom program in about 30 days.

How does Leadership For Leaders approach leadership styles?

We get asked this on a regular basis. We approach leadership as agnostics. We do not push one leadership style over another. We understand there are many approaches to leadership and we work with individuals to help make sure the most appropriate approach is being used.

Do we prefer one style over another?

Ok, even though we are leadership style agnostic, we do prefer leadership styles that are positive, adaptable, and respect others. For example, we like transformational leadership as an overall approach, as well as styles that are generally relational. We keep in mind that leadership styles are broad frameworks, and are not substitutes for behaviors that show respect and dignity towards others.

What is L4L's approach to leadership development?

We believe it is important for you to know your learning style. Our approach is to use active learning and align that with different learning styles. Leadership development is an investment in self. We applaud those who commit to this level of self-improvement. We are also fans of self-paced, on-demand options.

Can you tell me more about self-paced, on-demand programs?

We recognize the burdens on your time. Our schedules are often packed weeks in advance, making it difficult to attend regularly scheduled education and training. Self-paced, on-demand options allow you to access content when it is convenient for you. L4L offers leadership content using an online platform. We also work with clients (organizations and individuals) to find ways to share program content in ways that best meet your needs.