OB3™ — Organizational Behavior in 3 Minutes

There are many useful, yet complex, concepts for leaders to master. Organizational behavior (OB) is a field of study that addresses how elements, ideas, concepts, work areas, processes, and people work and interact in an organization. A typical review of organizational behavior might touch on 15 to 20 deep topics. At Leadership For Leaders we have simplified this to three core OB domains that are important to the routine, daily work of frontline leaders. These are resources, talent, and outcomes. In this program we help frontline leaders understand these domains, how they interact, and how these domains can be leveraged to support more effective leadership. Do we really cover the fully scope of OB3™ in three minutes? No, but we can explain it in three minutes and we do simplify what it means to layer an organizational behavior model lens into the practice of leadership.

Benefits Include —

– Improved systemic thinking
– Improved strategic thinking
– Improved coordination
– Improved application of leadership principles
– Improved decision making
– Improved focus on strategic goals
– Improved organizational outcomes