Transparent Accountability Starts With You

Accountability has received a bad rap recently. True accountability is not about placing blame, it is, in fact, about giving an “accounting” of something. For us as leaders, this key concept is connected to commitments. As leaders, we make committments, and we demonstrate that we are keeping those commitments by giving an accounting of ourselves to key constituencies. This is transparent accountability. In this program we focus on committments, progress, tracking, reporting, adjusting, and sharing updates (the accounting). This type of accountably is connected to communication, engagement, decision making, and ethical leadership. Additionally, when we honestly engage in transparent accountability we are modeling for our teams and we are building our team culture.

Benefits Include —

– Improved trust
– Improved communication
– Improved decision making
– Improved commitment to mission and vision
– Improved measurements and use of key metrics
– Visible accountability
– Improved organizational culture
– Improved organizational outcomes