Talent Acquisition

Recent global events have put pressure on getting and keeping talent. However, in general, this is not a new challenge. Leaders are a critical factor when it comes to talent acquisition. It is typical for an organization to delegate this to the HR team, however, when you think about this logically, 99% of the new employees will not be working with HR, they will be working with a frontline leader and that leader’s team. At Leadership For Leaders we recommend that frontline leaders and team members be active in the talent sourcing and talent acquisition proposition. While it makes sense for HR to coordinate some of these activities, it makes more sense for new talent to be engaged with their teams as soon as possible. There are strategies and tactics that leaders and their teams can use to leverage these opportunities.

Benefits Include —

– Improved employee selection
– Improved decision making
– Improved compliance
– Improved retention
– Improved resource allocation and cost control
– Improved leadership engagement
– Improved team cohesion
– Improved organizational outcomes