Organizational HR Needs Assessment

Many times we use the words Human Resources (or HR) when we mean those employees who make up the workforce. This service addresses organizational-wide workforce needs related to leadership and employee support. The assessment considers topics such as employee facing policies and practices, employee support, leader-follower relationships, employee engagement, and, ultimately, organizational culture. An HR needs assessment can be simple or complex — primarily depending on the scope and size of the organization. The Leadership For Leaders recommendation is, generally, to start small and look for opportunities for deep dives. Assessing organizational HR needs as a best practice occurs routinely, and is not a once and done proposition.

Benefits Include —

– Serves as a diagnostic tool for determining what training is needed
– Diagnose staffing needs and levels (roles and responsiblities)
– Gap analysis between employee current skills and required skills to deliver organizational outcomes
– Identify targeted strategies
– Prioritize resource allocation
– Identify opportunities for continuous improvement to better use available resources and to meet customer needs
– Improved strategic allocation of the workforce